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"Working with Beck over the past year has transformed how I relate with my body and sexuality. I am not only more orgasmic, I feel more at home in my own skin. Thank you"

"My session with Rebecca was exquisite. She took my partner and I through an incredible session of learning erotic massage and showed us so many techniques (that we should get taught in high school!!) to better understand, communicate, and energetically ‘hear’ and ‘see’ each other in sexual intimacy. What a gift!! I thought it was going to be pretty cool, slightly uncomfortable... but the space Rebecca held was sooooo easy and comfortable. I can’t recommend Rebecca's work enough!"

"It was a hard decision to book a discovery call with Rebecca.

It was hard to walk through the door for that first session.

It was hard to be vulnerable.

But what I know now after only 5 sessions…It’s actually harder NOT to do those things.

I’m so grateful that I reached out for support.


My intention when I started with Rebecca was to fix all of the things that were not working - as quickly as possible!

But as it turned out... I wasn’t broken. I was in survival mode. I was disconnected from myself and my body.

After working with Rebecca that has changed. 

I feel like I’m connected to myself and my body again.

I have grown and learnt so much.

The practices and processes that she guided me through were so powerful and transformational.

The science element was helpful too. 

Rebecca is super professional with a calm kindness that creates trust and safety. 

She had a knack for knowing what I needed in each moment, she asks great questions and holds space so respectfully. 

She offers words of encouragement along the way.

I am not the same person now that I was when I started.

Thank you Rebecca"

"Rebecca offers a safe, comfortable and gently encouraging space to talk about sexuality and share experiences with other women. She helped me to connect more strongly with my body, better understand the spectrum of what's 'normal' and possible, and more confidently communicate with my partner about sex."

"It has been absolutely amazing to work with and learn from Rebecca. She gave me so many insights, understanding, curiosity and confidence about myself. I am deeply moved by all we shared in such a safe environment, we all created a strong bond with each other. Beautiful women of all ages forming one community.


Honestly, I highly recommended Rebecca,  she is a pure delight!"

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