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In one-on-one sessions with individuals and couples, I create places where clients feel safe to connect with their body and, with healthy boundaries, consent and curiosity, cultivate their sexual energy. I combine counselling with experiential coaching and breath, touch, awareness, sound and movement techniques. 

Unlike standard counselling or sex therapy, this work may involve hands-on sessions, it will depend on what we work together on and my client always has a choice of how we work together on the day. 

**Somatic Sexological Body Workers have a strict professional Code of Ethics to adhere to, this is not erotic or pleasure massage, it's embodied sex education.

What is Somatic Sexology?

Somatic Sexology brings together somatics, the awareness of body sensations in the present moment, and sexology, the scientific study of human sexuality.  Using breath, touch, sound and movement techniques to connect with the body and become present to how it responds and the sensations occurring within it. This leads to deeper embodied awareness and more pleasurable sexual experiences.


Below are some of the reasons people might see a Somatic Sexologist:

  1. Learn to increase or access more pleasure in sex

  2. Inability to orgasm

  3. Work to increase intimacy skills

  4. Learn to feel and build sexual energy within your body

  5. Building better skills around consent and personal boundaries

  6. Painful sex problems

  7. Learn to have more intense or more diverse orgasmic experience

  8. Learn and practice new sexual skills and techniques

  9. Build new pathways to arousal and orgasm

  10. Sexual anatomy education

  11. Sexual information / education

  12. Low sexual desire

  13. Mismatch in desire/libido

  14. Scar tissue remediation

  15. ​Reintegration after trauma /big life changes/childbirth

  16. Shyness or inexperience

  17. Healthier use of porn/education

What is somatic sexology

What happens in a session

Sessions are 90 minutes. We start with an open chat about where you’re at, what you would like to explore together and I answer any curiosities or questions you may have. From there I suggest a few practices for us to work with, once you decide which practice you would like to experience with we move into the somatic experience using breath, movement, touch in various combinations and/or intensities. At the end of our session, I will offer you some home exercises for you to continue learning and deepening your experience. ​

what happens in a session

It doesn't matter how a woman looks - we're all capable of feeling juicy, enjoying pleasure and being orgasmic. Cultivating a sexual relationship with yourself leads to greater pleasure, as well as deeper awareness of what to ask a sexual partner for. Focusing on your needs, I share ways to feel safe by honouring your personal boundaries, and to build sexual energy, helping you to explore pleasurable experiences with curiosity.


Sexual exploration beyond the familiar develops new neural pathways, leading to greater enjoyment and a deeper connection with ourselves and others. I specialise in helping women overcome shame and fear, achieve orgasm and experience more intense and diverse orgasmic experiences. Sessions may include masturbation coaching and bodywork, however, this is discussed and agreed upon before taking place.

Individual Coaching

A one on one approach to be held in a safe environment to learn and heal in.

Through counselling and coaching, I meet my clients where they are with warmth and acceptance, together we discuss what they would like to work on together. With a clear focus on what they desire to learn, I use breath, touch, sound and movement techniques to educate and support clients on ways to connect with their body, becoming present to how their body responds and sensations occur. 

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Healthy satisfying sex nourishes all parts of a relationship, but can be hard to maintain long-term, especially if eroticism hasn't been part of the relationship from the beginning. Intimacy can be impacted by all sorts of issues, from miscommunication to mismatched libidos, as well as outworn habits and the pressures of everyday life.


Together we can work on ways of bringing that spark to your relationship, connecting, deepening intimacy, and exploring that sexy aliveness. Our sessions may include techniques for improving communication, consent and boundaries (even in a relationship this is essential) as well as exploring needs and desires, ways to arouse and erotically touch each other, and ultimately deepen connection and pleasure for you both.


I work inclusively with all couples.

Couple coaching

What happens in a couples session

A phone call is required to talk about what you would like to experience and how we can work together before we make an appointment. My work with all types of couples helps to reawaken their intimate connection and work through any challenges you are having together.


Our sessions may include techniques for improving communication, consent & boundaries (yes, even in a relationship this is essential), desires & needs and exploring ways to arouse & erotically touch each other to deepen connection and pleasure for you both.

Upcoming Events

Find out about our upcoming events, a great way to start your journey of sexual discovery!

Self Exploration

Understanding your body, sensation exploration & being comfortable in your skin.

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Partner Connection

Boundaries, requests and everything you need to connect with your beloved.

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