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Sex becoming another pressure and how exploring warm sex can be more fulfilling and relaxing for all. A little into women’s arousal states and the importance of generating intimacy with ourselves and partners.

  • For Her - Women's Retreat
    Fri, 12 May
    Carawirry Forest Escape
    If you've been feeling disconnected from your body, or simply want to explore a deeper, more pleasurable sexual connection with yourself, this is the ideal retreat. Pleasure, orgasms, sexual satisfaction, curiosity, body freedom and self-love are all topics we will cover.
  • Couples Sex & Intimacy Retreat - Central Coast
    Fri, 02 June
    Kooindah Waters Resort
    Are you and your partner searching for a deeper connection and more satisfying intimacy in your relationship? Imagine a weekend retreat where you can escape from the daily grind and focus solely on each other, learning new techniques and ways to enhance your intimacy and pleasure.
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Self Exploration

Understanding your body, sensation exploration & being comfortable in your skin.

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Partner Connection

Boundaries, requests and everything you need to connect with your beloved.

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