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Welcome to Exploring Women’s Sexuality! Dedicated to sexually empowering & supporting all to learn about, feel safe in, deepen and heal their connection with themselves and their beautiful body.  Together we traverse all aspects of human sexuality including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual through Somatic sex education, counselling and bodywork.

Taking an inside out approach, learn Your own delicious sexuality not what society has told You it should be.

Release shame and anxiety

Feel and build sexual energy within your body

Find new pathways to arousal and orgasm

Cultivate your sexuality

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I create spaces where clients feel safe to connect with their body and, with healthy boundaries, consent and curiosity, cultivate their sexual energy. I combine counselling with experiential coaching using breath, touch, sound and movement techniques. I work with women and those who love them, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes in couples, sometimes in larger group workshops.


Some of the things I can help with include:

  • Learn to increase or access more pleasure in sex

  • Ways to increase intimacy skills

  • Learn to feel and build sexual energy within your body

  • Painful sex problems

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Reintegration after trauma / big life changes/childbirth

  • Virginity, shyness or inexperience

  • Ejaculation difficulties

  • Erection difficulties

What is Somatic Sexology?

Somatic Sexology brings together somatics, the awareness of body sensations in the present moment, and sexology, the scientific study of human sexuality. We use breath, touch, sound and movement techniques to connect with the body and become present to how it responds and the sensations occurring within it. This leads to deeper embodied awareness and more pleasurable sexual experiences.

“Sexological bodyworkers teach through body experiences, designed to nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self”. Caffyn Jesse

Upcoming Events

Find out about our upcoming events, a great way to start your journey of sexual discovery!

Self Exploration

Understanding your body, sensation exploration & being comfortable in your skin.

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Partner Connection

Boundaries, requests and everything you need to connect with your beloved.

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My coaching works to cultivate a sexual relationship with yourself and with your partners, to experience more pleasure and learn how and what to ask a sexual partner for. Sharing ways to build sexual energy, masturbating beyond a quickie or goal-focused outcome and how sexual exploration beyond familiar ways can develop new neural pathways leading to more pleasure and a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

What happens in a session

Each 90-minute sessions begins with a check-in to discuss where you’re at, how I can help, what you’d like to explore, and answer any questions you may have. Once you decide which practice(s) you’d like to work with, we move into the somatic experience using breath, touch, sound and movement at the intensity appropriate for you. At the end of the session, I’ll offer some home exercises to deepen the learning. 

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Coaching and counselling for couples and individuals. Workshops for everyone.

I draw on a range of techniques and practices including counselling, somatic sexology, tantra and more, to help you reconnect with your body and become comfortable in your sexiness.

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Every time I witness a Woman connect with herself and fully feel her body I’m humbled and heart filled. This work is a privilege for me to share, I’m passionate about supporting Women sexually and erotically. Creating a safe space where they can be themselves, learn to hear their bodies true desires and expand ways to bring pleasure, arousal and orgasms to their life.

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